Why do prices change online?

At Silmid.com we price every product every day. This ensures that we are always offering accurate and up to date pricing online.

Why has the price increased in just the last few days?

Silmid provides daily prices on all of the products in the catalogue. Suppliers are constantly adjusting and changing prices and this is reflected in the price we display online. Our system takes all of the products and calculates the unit price, the price breaks, and all of the currency exchange prices every day.

Prices can go down as well as up?

Yes, prices do also go down where we see high demand for products or high volumes required by customers we can take advantage of supplier discounts that immediately reduce the prices of products online.

Can I protect a price for a period of time?

Yes, all you need to do is create a QUOTATION on the website and the value will be held at a fixed amount for the life span of the quote. Online this is 60 days.

If you want to secure a price to ensure you have time to confirm your requirement and raise an order then creating a quotation is the best way to do it.

Note: Quotes requested manually through the sales office are valid for 30days only.

Can I secure a price for 12 months?

Yes, you can secure a price against a scheduled order or agreed contract. A scheduled order enables you to have a fixed price for a full 12 months and you can call of product throughout the year on agreed monthly volumes.

If you are interested in a managed service contract, we can explore your requirements and agree to a pricing schedule that works.