When will I receive my order?

The delivery date of an order is critical information and we keep customers informed of the due date of outstanding orders.

Order Acknowledgement

When an order is placed with Silmid.com an order acknowledgement is generated and emailed to the contact on the order. This acknowledgement provides the due date as of the date of order.

Changes to the due date

There are a number of reasons why the due date on an order could change:

  • Supplier delay
  • Manufacturing issue or product fault
  • Quality control issue with supplier paperwork or documentation
  • Damage in transit
  • Raw material issue or shortage
  • A Logistic issue, carrier problem, customs or border check

In the event of a delay, a revised order acknowledgement will be sent via email providing the new delivery date.

CAUTION: Delivery Due Dates can change at short notice due to one of more of the reasons listed.

My Account / Transactions / Outstanding Sales Orders

You can review Estimated Ship Dates from the new LIVE report in the My Account pages, under Transactions and open Outstanding Sales Orders.

Customer spreadsheet updates

Some customers request that we fill in provided spreadsheets with revised due dates if the original due date has been missed.

Due to the large number of orders that are processed, we do not provide the service of completing individual spreadsheets.

Please refer to the order acknowledgement email, and if the original date has passed you can request an updated email.

NOTE: Customers with managed services can have agreed date management processes and information exchange.

Dates used by Silmid.com

The Silmid.com system uses a number of date values during the processing of an order:

Order Created Date : The date the order was added to the system
Required Date : The date provided by the customer for their preferred delivery date
Due Date : The date the goods are due to be delivered to the customer delivery point.

How to progress and order

Check the DUE DATE on the original order acknowledgement and update your system accordingly

If the DUE DATE has passed, check that you have not had an updated acknowledgement.

If you have not had a revised acknowledgement you can request that one be sent to you.