When can I expect my order to be delivered?

You can view your outstanding purchase orders / backorders in the My Account area, along with LIVE estimated ship dates

You are now able to see the latest status updates of your outstanding Purchase Orders, including LIVE information on the date we expect to be able to ship your product/order to you.

To view this report:

  1. Login to Silmid.com (or Register if a new user)
  2. You will now be on the ‘My Account’ page
  3. In the Quick Access Bar click on the "Outstanding Order Report" link

You will then be presented with a list of your outstanding orders, including your purchase order reference (‘Your Ref’), Silmid’s sales order reference (‘SilMid Ref’), Product part number/descriptions, the quantity outstanding (‘Quantity OS’), and the estimated ship date (‘Est Ship Date’).

  • Your Ref: Your Purchase Order Number
  • Silmid Ref: The Silmid sales order reference (please use this when contacting customer service)
  • Your Part No: The reference we hold on our system is your Part Code
  • ProductId: The Silmid.com part code
  • Description: The Product description from the Silmid.com website
  • Quantity O/S: The quantity outstanding on the order line
  • Est Ship Date: The latest date we estimate that the line will be shipped

NOTE: Due to the current global supply chain challenges, the ‘Est Ship Date’ can be subject to changes, however, this information is LIVE and is the latest information received from our suppliers.

Why has Estimated Shipping Date has changed? 

The global supply chain is experiencing disruption like never before and our Purchasing Team are working to constantly get the best possible due dates for back ordered items.

There are many reasons why the Estimated Ship Date can change and these include:

    • Supply chain disruption
    • Raw material shortages
    • Product impacts due to Covid
    • Logistics and Transport delays
    • Shortages of workers and HGV drivers
    • Oil price and fuel costs

TIP: The ‘Est Ship Date’ is the day the product is expected to despatch from our warehouse. Your delivery date will be determined by the delivery method and courier you selected when placing your order.

Can I download my Back Order Report?

Yes you can click on the "Download PDF" button