What information does Silmid.com need to trade?

In order to create a trading relationship, there is a minimum amount of information that we would expect.

Address Details

You must provide full and correct address details. We will check the details against GOOGLE MAPS and validate that the address is correct. We will also check STREET VIEW (where available).

If we cannot identify the address on the map or view the premises on the street view we will decline to quote.

Contact Details

You must provide your full name, first name and surname. We will check your name against the email address provided and it must match. If you are using a catch-all email address then is must match the website domain name.

WARNING:  We do accept @gmail as a valid business email.

Company TAX-Number

You MUST provide a valid TAX ID NUMBER for your country. We will validate this number to confirm it is valid.

Telephone Number

You must provide a valid telephone number that will be answered during normal business hours. If you provide a telephone number that does not function or is not answered then we reserve the right to no quote.

Fax Number

We do not need a fax number and we do not provide the facility to communicate via fax.