Statement Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

How Simid is managing during Covid-19

Statement Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Please see the below statement from Silmid regarding Covid-19 (Last updated 5th January 2022) 

Dear Valued Customer,

Sil-Mid Limited is closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus situation and will be following the guidance of both the UK Government and the World Health Organisation to minimise the risks to our employees and to provide a safe and healthy environment for all staff and visitors.

As you are aware, the entire global supply chain has already been impacted due to coronavirus, which has led to large-scale disturbances in shipping services, border closures, airlines, and other travel disruptions.

Sil-Mid Limited maintains a close working relationship with our key suppliers and we are working with these suppliers to constantly evaluate the risks any disruptions pose to supply chain continuity.

Should the availability of any products be affected or potentially be at risk of being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, this will be communicated downstream to the relevant customers as soon as it becomes apparent.

As a leading stockist / distributor, Sil-Mid Limited is always assessing market demands and stocking policies to ensure we have sufficient product available to meet our customers' needs.

Customers should advise us of any products that they feel are business critical and make a decision on what, if any, stock is required to reduce risk of short supply.

As always, Sil-Mid Limited constantly strives to provide the highest possible service levels for its customers and will continue to provide this throughout these difficult times.

Andy Nickson
EVP Ecommerce


Questions and Answers (Last updated 5th January 2022)

How is Coronavirus affecting Silmid?

Our team continues to monitor the situation on a daily basis, we are working closely with our key suppliers to constantly evaluate the risks and any disruptions posed to our supply chain continuity.

We will continue to provide the highest possible service levels for our customers throughout these difficult times.

How has stock been impacted, will there be supply shortages?

As a leading stockist/distributor, we are always assessing market demands and stocking policies to ensure we have enough products available to meet our customers' needs.

We would urge customers who are concerned to contact us and advise us of any products that they feel are business critical and make a decision on what, if any, stock is required to reduce risk of short supply.

Are deliveries being disrupted?

We have seen delays and delivery issues from a number of carriers and logistics providers but overall we have maintained a good level of supply. Supply side disruptions in manufacturing have caused some serious delays on certain products and we are working to mitigate the impact of this directly with affected customers. Customers can access the latest information on estimated shipping dates from the My Account section of the website.

How will Silmid deal with potential delays due to border closures?

We review all outstanding shipments and focus on ensuring we keep customers informed about the delivery options available. Border closures are less of an issue at this stage but are still a possibility for future waves of the pandemic. We are in close communication with our carrier partners who are working to provide contingency plans.

How is Silmid protecting its staff?

We continue to monitor the health of our workforce and take measures to protect our employees in accordance with government regulations and guidance. A mandatory 10-day isolation period for any employees who have tested positive for Coronavirus. This is subject to ongoing review following UK government advice.

Physical distancing measures have been implemented across the business to minimise risk to our staff and ensure the smooth running of our operation. All office staff have now been transitioned to work from home and are servicing our customers as normal.

What is your plan if several of your employees at your business location are ill and cannot work?

We have identified areas which we consider critical to operate. Within these areas, we have developed operational continuity plans to ensure we have enough resources to keep running safely and ensure products are shipped to our customers.

Do you foresee any challenges regarding pricing stability?

Due to the ongoing supply-side disruption and its effect on inflation rates we are seeing price fluctuation. We work closely with our suppliers to manage prices and our website updates its pricing every day. To insure against price fluctuations we recommend customers create Quotes Online and then convert these quotes to orders when needed.


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