How do I find the product Shelf Life Information?

We understand that having information about the shelf life of products is important, so we provide this in days. So if the manufacturer states 1 Year that would be 365 days.

How do I see the Shelf  Life days?

Login to your account on and search for the product you are interested in. If there are different sizes to choose from select the one you want.

Note: You must be Logged In and have the option allowed on your account, please request from Customer Services if you do not see Shelf Life Days

Search for the Product and you will see the total shelf life in days for the item. You will also see if there is a Shelf Life Guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

This will display:

What is a Shelf Life Guarantee?

This is the minimum shelf life remaining that the supplier guarantees to supply. So for this example, the product has a 2 Year shelf life but Loctite will only guarantee that we will get stock with a minimum of 1 Year remaining (50%).

How do I calculate shelf life remaining as a %

An easy way to do this is to calculate the TOTAL SHELF LIFE in days (730) and calculate the number of days between today and the expiry date of the product batch let's say it was 300, then the % remaining would be 41%.

Note: The formula is Days remaining / Total days x 100 = % Shelf Life remaining

Can I get an 80% shelf life remaining?

We do get products that have 80% remaining, this is usually for long life materials made from inert base chemicals like some fluids and oils. We do not offer 80% on everything. The target shelf life we try to meet is 75%. 

Note: We DO NOT guarantee that ALL products will have a high shelf life remaining when shipped unless it is an express requirement of your order.

Caution: Shelf life is a difficult thing to manage and so there may need to be some communication with you to ensure the shelf life meets your requirements.