How can I find product expiry dates?

The expiry date on products is a key piece of information for many customers and we do provide access online.

To view expiry dates on the website you must be a registered user and linked to a company account.

Note:  Your account is live once you have created an online quotation or an online order. This creates a CSR number for your company.

Can I find and review Expiry Dates on the website?

Yes, you can, you must be logged in to to access this feature.

Step 1: Login to your account on

Step 2: Search for the PRODUCT you are looking for

Step 3: Select the PACK SIZE

Step 4: Click on the Batches link and the page will scroll to the section displaying the Batch/Lot Number the Expiry date and the Quantity of each batch in stock.

Step 5: Add a NOTE on your order at checkout if you want to secure a specific BATCH.

I am logged in but cannot see the Expiry Dates?

This feature will need to be turned on for your account, please contact our Customer Services Team who can make the change for you.

Note: This function is only available to customers requiring SHELF LIFE information. This can be approved on your account by your Account Manager