Do you provide a Certificate of Conformity?

Yes, Silmid provides a Certificate of Conformity with every order we supply. You can also request a copy of an OEM.

What is a Certificate of Conformity?

The Certificate of Conformity is a document that confirms to a customer that the product they are purchasing is correct and meets the technical specification set out by the manufacturer.

What is an OEM Certificate?

An OEM Certificate (OEM Cert) is the original document provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the product.

Also known as the Manufacturer CofC or Manufacturer Cert.

Will I get an OEM Certificate with my order?

Silmid supplies a Certificate of Conformity with every order that confirms our Quality Team have checked the product against the OEM Cert provided to us.

This means that we are flowing down the required quality checks (AS9120 Rev B) to confirm the product is correct and as ordered.

Customers can request a copy of the OEM Cert by logging into your account on and accessing the OEM Cert search tool. By entering the barcode number from the product or the Silmid paperwork you can view and download a copy of the OEM Certificate.

Can you send a copy of the OEM Certificate with my order?

Yes, we can. This incurs some delay in despatch and we include a small service charge to provide a printed copy of the OEM Certificate with shipments.

Do you provide COA?

The Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) is not something we normally supply since industrial manufacturers will normally only provide an OEM Certificate.

Is the OEM Certificate the same as a Test Report?

No, a Test Report is a copy of the laboratory test that the manufacturer carried out on the batch of products.

Some manufacturers are able to supply a Test Report but will usually incur an additional cost that has to be agreed upon before the product is purchased. 

Test Reports are often needed if a product is being released to a Specification that is not normally supported by the manufacturer.