What is a Consolidated Delivery?

Customers who place frequent and repeat orders can opt to have a single weekly of monthly delivery. This saves repeated delivery costs and provides a single invoice for all items delivered.

Consolidated Delivery

By agreement with our Sales Team, we can arrange to provide a single consolidated delivery that covers multiple orders. If you raise orders often through a week or month, you can save on delivery costs by having the products consolidated together on one shipment.

You will receive a single SHIPMENT and one set of delivery paperwork, you will also receive a single consolidated invoice covering all of the items on the shipment.

Aggregated Delivery

If you prefer to have delivery paperwork matched to EACH order then we can provide an aggregated SHIPMENT where we bring individual orders onto a single pallet. 

You will receive multiple SHIPMENTS on one pallet and multiple sets of delivery paperwork, you will also receive multiple invoiced for all of the separate orders.