Why are delivery dates pushed back?

The chemicals industry is suffering the most severe disruption to supply in living memory.

The multiple global events that have all occurred in the space of the last 18 months have led to supply disruption across the globe.

  • Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Suez Canal blocked
  • Extreme weather events 
  • Logistics shortages
  • Raw material availability
  • Increase in oil price
  • Increased internal demand in China

There are other reasons that are specific to vendors and reflect issues in countries that have experienced combinations of some or all of these challenges.

Our team will always try and provide the most accurate delivery due date we can at the time of order. Unfortunately, the lead times from our suppliers do change (often without notice to us) so we do always try to keep customers updated with revised acknowledgments.

Recently shipping times from Silmid have varied, why is this?

Our business as with many others businesses is constantly managing the effects of Covid-19 and the pressure the pandemic has put on staffing levels. We have seen similar issues with our customers and suppliers.

Silmid has taken steps to manage our logistics to minimise delays in shipping. This especially concerns the shipping of HAZMAT products for export via airfreight. We have not always been able to meet the expectation of 48 hour turnaround and for this we apologise. 

Note: We suggest that you use 5 days as the turnaround time for HAZMAT for AirFreight so that you build in a lead time buffer in case there is a delay.

What should we do as a customer to mitigate the risk of delays?

There are two key things customers can do.

  1. First try to reduce the time between requesting a quote and ordering the product you need, especially if it shows in stock. This minimises the risk of the stock been sold before the order is placed.
  2. Secondly, take a view on holding additional stock of products you require often. Silmid always tries to maintain an in-stock position but this is not always possible so we recommend that where possible you buy enough stock to cover you usage in case of a shortage.

How will I know if there are issues of supplier disruption for products I purchase?

Our eCommerce team updates product pages on our website with specific information about supplier disruption where it applies. This is subject to frequent change so please ensure you take note of the two suggestions above.